I Want You As US President!

July 2020
1st Month

Welcome Mx. President! Are you ready to rule the USA?

Watching elections and presidential actions thinking that you can do a better job as the President? Well, why not become the President and try it firsthand?

Download Presidents and take your place in the long line of Presidents!

Rule the United State of America !

Be aware, every decision you make will change the balances and with great power comes great responsibility to your fellow citizens.

So, do you still think you stand a chance as the President? Become the president and survive politics, wars, lies, real-life scenarios that every president faces and prove thyself.

Will you be able to balance between luxury, your family, and duty to your country? Will you sell your country for money, or rather fight to the last of your breath to preserve the welfare and the prosperity of the United States of America?


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